About us

Scandinavian Designs Trading Group International Ltd is a professional company providing high quality and first class products and design.

At Scandinavian Designs Trading Group, we aim for the right deal and not necessarily the biggest deal, the right deal is what builds a good business relationship sustainable to all parties involved.

Established in 2011 with the aim of creating a sustainable and good working relationship with our esteemed suppliers and manufacturers in a bid to provide our customers with the best products and services with the latest technology and innovation thus providing the solution to the challenges faced today in the construction and security industry in line with the ever-changing development.


Using and applying cutting edge technology, we provide services such as sales, installation, consultancy, project planning and aftersales services by designing suitable solutions in prevention of fire and security breach in both new and renovation projects. Together with the client we sit down and come up with adaptive and appropriate solution to their demands.

East Africa

East Africa being an emerging market with unlimited opportunities and untapped potentials puts us in a range where we shall position ourselves as a one stop center and go to place for any client or company in need of unique products and services.

We offer consulting services to Swedish companies willing to share and transfer knowledge and skills in different sectors and vice versa. Offering a wide variety of products in our portfolio puts us on the course to change and revolutionize the construction and security industry and create job opportunities for many, be different and unique, stick out from the everyone else.

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