Projob swedish work wear and soft touch gloves

Quality, functionality and ergonomic

Working clothes should withstand a lot of hard wear. We use strong, proven materials in our clothes and subject them to rigorous scrutiny.

The details of our garments are handsome but they always have a function. The areas that become worn during the course of work, for example, are reinforced. Further on in the catalogue you can read more about these details. Look on them as a guarantee of durability and the best feeling at work. New times place new demands. The line between different tasks and occupational categories is starting to disappear. 

Our gloves

cut protection, maximum protection

We work with quality
This means that our products are manufactured with user safety and comfort in mind, but also with functionality and durability. Our quality work does not end here, but continues at all levels, from product design all the way to the logistics solution for the right products will be delivered on time to our customers.

Soft Touch®
Gloves that are distinguished by the highest quality in terms of material and design are marketed under the brand name Soft Touch®.

Gloves that are characterized by high quality but with a more standard materials and design, marketed under the brand Protect®.

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